Qwick works differently; instead of logging in to an app and look for shifts, we send you a text message when shifts are available for pick up.

  • We send shifts out as soon as we receive them

  • There is not a list of current shifts available

  • Instead, shifts are sent to the top rated and most reliable Professionals first, then we make our way down the list

To boost your chances of getting shifts, you can:

  • Confirm all upcoming shift reminders that are sent to you

  • Arrive on time / early for the shifts you're scheduled for

  • Deliver 5-star service when on site

Doing the following may lower your chances of getting a shift:

  • Cancelling shifts after confirming you can be there

  • Not showing up to shifts

  • Getting rated poorly by the business after a shift

You can log in to update your settings at Qwick.com.

Thank you!

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