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How do we get invoiced/billed?
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You are billed immediately following the shift via credit or ACH. You will receive a detailed PAID invoice within 48-hours. We use Stripe to facilitate the transaction (stripe is used by Lyft, Target Online, and Amazon).

Net terms businesses

If you are on net terms, you can select your preferred invoicing cadence (i.e., daily or weekly). This will allow you to receive invoices on a schedule that aligns with your business's practices. To update your invoicing options:

  1. Navigate to the Payments page from the menu on the Qwick for Business dashboard.

  2. Scroll down to Invoicing Options and select "Daily" or "Weekly" from the dropdown.

  3. If you select Weekly, you'll have additional options to specify the last weekday of your invoicing pay period. E.g., if you select Sunday, then your billing week will start on Monday and end on Sunday.

Note: Unless otherwise negotiated, businesses on net terms will be billed an additional 5% fee on each invoice. This helps alleviate the up-front cost of paying professionals immediately, and the time it takes to recover payment.

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