Rating Qwick Professionals

A helpful guide to follow when rating professionals after they've completed a shift for your business.

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Having high-quality professionals on the platform is one of Qwick’s top priorities. One of the ways we ensure that the quality remains up to our standards is by providing each professional with a unique QwickScore.

A professional's QwickScore is meant to be an indication of their performance on the Qwick platform to date. It is a measurement of quality, and it is impacted by a number of factors (including but not limited to: reliability, professionalism, and shift performance).

In order for the score to be as accurate as possible, as a business partner, it’s incredibly important that you take the time to both understand the rating system and rate each professional that works your shifts.

Below is a simple rubric to follow when rating professionals. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to your account manager or text us at 79425!




The professional was on time and did an excellent job. They are someone you would be happy to have back at your business.

Note: 5-starring a professional automatically adds them to your "Custom Pool," which prioritizes them for your shifts in the future.


The professional was on time, competent, and completed the shift up to your standard, but is not someone who you would personally invite back to your business.


The professional appeared to be qualified and/or hard working, but performed in a way that was not completely satisfactory. They should continue to be matched with this shift type, but need to perform better.


The professional was unqualified for the shift type they were matched with. They should continue to work through Qwick, but for different shift types.


The professional is completely unqualified for all shift types based on their experience and/or behavior. They should be removed from the platform altogether.

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