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Why did I receive more professionals than I requested?
Why did I receive more professionals than I requested?

Qwick will provide additional professionals when last-minute cancelations and no-shows are common.

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To ensure you receive the shift help you need, Qwick prioritizes monitoring—and occasionally filling—your shifts with additional experienced professionals qualified for your specific needs, especially during seasons when last-minute cancelations and no-shows are more common. (For example, we may send a sixth professional even though you requested five.)

Who covers the cost of the overfill?

If Qwick overfills a shift and you send the overfilled professional home because they aren’t needed, we will pay the professional their four-hour minimum.

If you send more professionals home than you initially requested, we expect you to pay their four-hour minimums—assuming they arrived on time. (In the example above, if you asked for five, six show up, but you send home two, you are responsible for paying the four-hour minimum for one professional.)

If you decide to keep the additional (overfilled) professional to work your shift, then we will add the cost of the professional for the duration of the shift to your invoice—unless you keep the professional for less than four hours. In this case, Qwick will cover the additional cost to meet the four-hour minimum. (For example, we will invoice you for three hours if the overfilled professional works a three-hour shift, and Qwick will cover the cost of the fourth hour.)

How can I see if Qwick overfilled an upcoming shift?

You will find the number of professionals who have accepted your shift on the Upcoming Shifts tab under the shift type. The shift is overfilled if the number of professionals listed is greater on the left. (For example, a shift is overfilled by one professional if the number of accepted professionals appears as 6/5.)

What if I don’t want my shifts overfilled?

If you prefer that we don’t overfill your shifts, please inform your account manager (or text our support team at 79425 for assistance.)

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