In order to continue providing freelancers with more opportunities to work and earn money through Qwick, we're beginning to offer W-2 shifts to some freelancers in select markets.

Labor Force Group LLC, a Qwick subsidiary, will offer these shifts. In order to join Labor Force Group and be eligible to work W-2 shifts, you’ll need to complete the onboarding process through the Qwick for Freelancers app.

Note that as the W-2 offering is being rolled out, only certain freelancers are eligible to apply. If you've been invited, you'll see a banner at the top of your screen when you are logged into the app.

If you haven't received an invite, it’s likely that W-2 isn’t in your market yet. Don’t worry, though. We have plans to roll out more markets each month.

If you choose to complete the onboarding for W-2, you'll still have access to the 1099 shifts you are used to working. Completing the W-2 onboarding will simply give you the opportunity to work more shifts and earn more money!


Why should I join the W-2 program?

You'll unlock even more shifts and increase your potential to earn more money by joining Labor Force Group LLC, a Qwick subsidiary, as a flex worker. In addition to your current 1099 shifts, you’ll gain special access to work exclusive shifts with some of our biggest business partners.

Do I have access to benefits as a W-2 flex worker?

Beyond having access to the exclusive shifts mentioned above, Labor Force Group will also pay the employer portion of FICA taxes for you.

What does the onboarding experience entail and how can I prepare for it?

The experience is extremely straightforward and should only take you a few minutes to complete. Once you click on the banner in your app, you'll be taken to an information screen. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Get Started" to begin onboarding.

The process consists of filling out and signing the following forms:

  • Payroll Onboarding

  • I-9 Form (and E-Verification)

  • Federal W-4 Form

  • Employment Offer + Agreement (signature required)

  • Employee Handbook (signature required)

Most of the documents simply require you to fill out the forms with accurate information required by the federal government, or we need to make sure you are paid and taxed appropriately. We also highly encourage you to thoroughly review the Employment Offer/Agreement and the Employee Handbook as they contain highly valuable information about being a flex worker with Labor Force Group LLC.

The only form that is a bit different than the others is I-9/E-Verify. I-9 is the form that the federal government uses to verify your identity and eligibility for employment. You'll need a document that verifies your identity (the most common one is your passport or passport card, but there are several options to choose from). You can either provide one document from List A OR a combination of documents from Lists B and C.

The e-verification process is done via a third party called Workbright. You'll need to coordinate with a peer (anyone whom you trust) to help you complete this step in person. Workbright will ask for your peer's cell phone number, and then send them a text message prompting them to verify your identity. Once they sign the form, the step is complete!

If you're curious to learn more about the Workbright I-9 process, here are a few of their useful resources:

How will I know when I’ve completed the onboarding process?

Once all of the tasks on the onboarding checklist have been completed, you'll receive a welcome email and a text message from 79425. Once W-2 shifts are posted, they’ll be distinguished on the app by a W-2 badge:

You can also expect to receive texts and push notifications to let you know when the first W-2 shift is posted. Initially, because the W-2 offering is new, you'll see a limited number of shifts—so don’t worry if you aren’t seeing many over your first few weeks as a flex worker. We encourage you to continue working your 1099 shifts as we grow our W-2 offering.

Do I need to work a minimum amount of hours to remain eligible for W-2 shifts?

No. We stand by our philosophy and mission of creating flexible work. Work when you want, where you want, and as often as you want. Being a flex worker gives you the flexibility to work more shifts, and gives you more control over your schedule and your income. Labor Force Group LLC does, however, require that you work one shift every 12 months to remain employed.

When and how do I get paid?

Payroll will run weekly to start, but we are working on options for faster payments (so keep your eyes peeled for more information)! Currently, only direct deposit is available for your payment.

How do taxes affect my paycheck?

As is the standard with W-2 employment, payroll taxes (including Medicare, Social Security, Federal Income, and Federal Unemployment) are automatically withheld from each paycheck. Depending on which state you’re in, state taxes may also be withheld from your paycheck.

Will I have access to my pay stubs?

Yes. Digital copies will be made available in both the Qwick for Freelancers app (in your account) and Check account.

How do I access my tax documents/forms?

Digital copies of your forms will be made available in both the app (in your account) and Check account once you've completed onboarding and been accepted as a flex worker.

What’s the difference between 1099 and W-2?

A 1099-MISC is used to report payments made to independent contractors who manage their own employment taxes. A W-2 form is used to report payments made to employees with whom the employer withholds payroll taxes from their earnings. As a flex worker through Labor Force Group LLC, you’ll receive a W-2 form at the end of the fiscal year which will only reflect the W-2 shifts you've completed. If you continue to work 1099 shifts, you'll also receive a 1099 form at the same time.

Who do I reach out to with questions?

General questions or concerns can be texted to 79425. More serious questions, concerns, or anything that you wish to report anonymously can be submitted to our team via this hotline.

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