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Where can I explore who is on my shift?
Where can I explore who is on my shift?

Get to know the freelancers working your shifts by reviewing their profiles.

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We understand the apprehension you might feel ahead of a shift, especially when those shifts are staffed with unfamiliar freelancers. To help ease your uncertainty, we showcase the skills and experience of each Qwick freelancer on their personal profile. Viewable from both the Qwick for Business app and dashboard, these freelancer profiles offer you the opportunity to learn more about each freelancer and get to know them as individuals.

Information Contained Within Each Freelancer Profile

Qwick automatically populates each freelancer’s profile with the number of Qwick shifts they have worked, their QwickScore, how long they’ve been a Qwick freelancer, their certifications, the type of shifts they’ve worked, the type of establishments they’ve worked at, and their top five positive reviews from businesses. Freelancers also have the option to enhance their profile by sharing additional personal information.

Exploring Matched Freelancers

You'll notice on your upcoming shift that freelancers may start accepting your opportunity. If you're interested in learning more about an individual, you can check out their profile from either Upcoming Shifts (as well as Past Shifts after the shift).

Viewing Profiles from Upcoming Shifts

  • If the shift is filled, click the ‘more’ button that drops down the shift details.

  • Click on the name of the freelancer on the shift and an overlay will pop up with the freelancer's profile.

Viewing Freelancer Profiles from Past Shifts

  • Head to the past shifts page to get started.

  • On the shift, click the ‘more’ drop-down button to open the shift details.

  • Under the number of freelancers requested, there will be a list of the freelancers who worked the shift.

  • Click on the name of the freelancer on the shift and an overlay will pop up with the freelancer's profile.

Viewing Shift Rosters

You can view (and download) your shift roster for either upcoming or past shifts to better manage your daily shifts.

From the Qwick for Business Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your account on the Qwick for Business dashboard.

  2. Navigate to the Upcoming or Past Shifts tab.

  3. Click the three vertical dots at the top right corner of a day's shift list.

  4. Click Download Roster.

  5. Open the download to view your roster and to reorder or organize the list to your liking!

From the Qwick for Business App:

  1. Open your Qwick for Business app.

  2. Tap on an Upcoming or Past shifts.

  3. Tap View Rosters to open the roster list.

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