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Why should I join the W-2 program?
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Qwick is now offering W-2 shifts! We encourage you to apply and join our W-2 team. By doing so, you’ll be able to pick up both 1099 and W-2 shifts, except in California and Colorado, where we only have a W-2 offering.

Why should you join our W-2 program?

As a W-2 professional, you'll generally unlock even more shifts and increase your potential to earn more money. In addition to your current 1099 shifts, you’ll gain special access to work exclusive shifts with some of our biggest business partners. Currently, Qwick is officially offering W-2 and 1099 shifts in all markets, excluding California and Colorado, which will only be W-2.

How do I join the W-2 program?

To join, you must become an employee of Labor Force Group, LLC, a Qwick subsidiary (“Qwick” and “we” or “us”) by successfully completing the application (aka our onboarding process) process through the Qwick for Professionals app.

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