There are a couple things that we do differently than traditional staffing companies:

  • Freedom and flexibility - you can choose the shifts that YOU want to work.  You are not penalized for not accepting a shift if you do not want to accept it. You get to keep your day job and earn extra money with Qwick on YOUR time.

  • Work is Made Easy - we text job shifts straight to your cell phone. We send you a text that tells you everything that you need to for the upcoming shift, and you can accept or deny that shift.

  • Instant Pay - No more waiting 2 weeks for a check. 30 minutes after you clock out, your money will be in your Stripe account. It can take 1-2 days for it to be transferred from Stripe (payment processor) to your bank account. We are working on having an option for immediate transfer, but we haven’t implemented it yet.

  • Hiring - A business wants to hire you? Congratulations! With Qwick, the business can bring you on as an employee without any fee, whoop whoop!

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