Not all shifts require a food handlers card and/or alcohol certificate, but some (including most serving shifts) do. The more credentials you have, the more shift opportunities you will receive. If you have 1+ years of experience that aligns with shift types that require certifications and hope to work those shifts, you should ensure your certifications are up to date.

If you don’t have the necessary certifications to start accepting the shifts you want, take either (or both!) of the following online courses to get certified:

Food handlers card

If you’re working a shift(s) in direct contact with food (e.g., food runners, chefs, etc.), you’ll need to upload proof of your food handlers certification.

Alcohol awareness certificate

If you’re working a shift(s) in direct contact with alcohol (e.g., bartenders, banquet servers, etc.), you’ll need an alcohol awareness certificate valid for the state you’re in (e.g., Title IV, RBS, TIPs, etc.).

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