In order to be able to receive shifts and therefore get paid, you must set up a Stripe account on your Qwick dashboard.  Simply log into the Qwick Professionals App, click on the menu in the top left and select  the 'Payments' tab, and enter your payment information after clicking 'Update Payment Info'.

Once you complete a shift, we send your money to your Stripe account within 30 minutes if you have set up Instant Pay.  Instant Pay is only available if you have provided a debit card. From there, Stripe will deposit the money into your bank account or load money onto a debit card that you have provided.

Stripe is a 3rd party company that processes all of our payments, from the business and to you the worker. They are used by Lyft, Target Online, and Amazon just to name a few of their clients. We don’t store any of your payment information; all information is stored securely with Stripe.

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