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How do I confirm a shift I want to work?
How do I confirm a shift I want to work?
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So a shift description has caught your eye. Great! Tap the “I Can Work” button to accept and add it to your schedule. (Once accepting a shift, you can't swap or transfer it to another professional).

You can expect two additional confirmation texts from Qwick (at 24 and 4 hours) before your shift, providing you the opportunity to reread the shift description and ensure you have all the information needed to successfully complete the shift.

Please note: You must accept both of these confirmations to work your shift. Missing confirmations will result in a cancelation, which negatively impacts your QwickScore—and thus your eligibility with Qwick.

We know that things come up, so please text us at 79425 as soon as you know if you’re unable to make your shift. This allows us time to find a replacement professional for the business in a timely manner.

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