How do I clock in and out?

Easy clock in/out steps, and what to do if you encounter issues.

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30 minutes before your shift start time, you’ll have the option to clock in on the Qwick for Freelancers app or click the link in the check-in text we sent.

Two hours before the end of your shift, we’ll text you a clock out link. When you’re done with your shift, can click that link to check out (or click the link within the shift card you worked to clock out.) Don’t forget to also rate the business and leave any additional comments.

Having trouble clocking in/out

If you’re having trouble clocking in or out, we suggest reaching out to the onsite manager to assist you as there are many explanations for this (e.g., Internet service issues, clocking in at the wrong time, etc.).

Forgot to clock in/out

If you forget to clock in/out, you can either:

  • Contact the onsite manager to adjust your times; or

  • Adjust your clock in/out time in the app. (However, the business has 48 hours from when you clocked out to verify your times worked. Once your shift has been confirmed, you’ll receive payment.)

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