Some shifts now include unpaid breaks. You can identify whether or not to expect a break on your shift before you accept it by reviewing the shift details. When you work a shift with an unpaid break, you should rely on direct communication with the onsite manager to know when to take that break. When you're clocking out, you'll notice the break time automatically deducted from your time worked, so you don't have to worry about manually subtracting it from your time.


I worked a shift with an unpaid break, but I never took it. How can I get paid for the time that I worked?

The best first step is to communicate with the onsite manager about this. In all cases where shifts have breaks, it's their responsibility to accommodate for it. If they explicitly asked you not to take it (or told you that you couldn't take it for some reason), text Qwick Support at 79425. We'll help you out and adjust your pay if appropriate. Note that if you chose to not take a break despite the onsite manager asking you to, it will likely not result in adjusted pay.

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