If the shift ends early

Sometimes, businesses send freelancers home before the end of their shift. If this happens to you, you’ll be paid for the length of the original shift (up to four hours) for accepting and showing up at the shift on time. (For example, if your eight-hour shift ends early, we’ll pay you for four hours; or if your three-hour shift ends early, we’ll pay you for three hours.) However, we’ll need to verify with the business why you were sent home early before you’re paid.

Please note: This payment is forfeited if you’re sent home early for showing up in the wrong attire, arriving late, incurring a disciplinary action, etc.

If the shift runs late

If a business/manager asks you to stay past the original shift end time, please remain clocked in while working the duration of the extended shift to ensure you’re paid for your time worked. After clocking out, you’ll be able to select whether you prefer Standard or Instant Pay.

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