Qwick is trusted by thousands of Businesses in the Food and Beverage industry, in large part because of our high-quality Professionals. Our virtual orientation is one of the key ways that we ensure every new onboarded Professional meets our high standards.

Orientation is your opportunity to virtually discuss your relevant food and beverage experience with a Qwick Orientation Specialist via video-chat through the Qwick app, and ask them any questions you have about the platform. After your 5–10 minute conversation, we'll determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Orientation is an extremely important step towards successfully signing up as a Qwick Professional—and a requirement in order to start accepting shifts within the Qwick app.

Signing up for orientation

After you’ve created your Qwick account, sign up in the app for any orientation session that fits your schedule. If there aren’t any sessions available, you can add yourself to the waitlist and we’ll notify you (via text and push notification) when more sessions become available. We also suggest checking the app in moments when you’re ready and able to attend an instant orientation session (where you can join in that moment instead of having to pre-schedule it). Instant sessions are a great way to start accepting shifts ASAP!

Preparing for orientation

We ask that you keep the following things in mind prior to joining the session:

  • Be prepared to talk about/share your relevant food and beverage experience in detail.

  • Find a quiet space with access to good WiFi.

  • Ensure your phone is fully charged.

  • Dress professionally (we’re not asking you to bust out the suit and tie; simply dress how you would for a shift—a black button down is always a safe choice).

  • Come with a great attitude.

While completing your food handlers card and alcohol handling certification before an orientation is not required, you will need to complete them before being matched with Qwick shifts.


Why hasn't anyone joined my orientation?

Our Orientation Specialists occasionally run behind. If this happens to you, please do your best to be patient! If more than five minutes have passed since your scheduled start-time, please let us know by texting 79425.

I can’t make my orientation. Can I reschedule it?

Yes, you can reschedule your orientation via your Qwick app by selecting your orientation and then clicking “Reschedule.”

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