Welcome to the Qwick Product Update, where we’ll highlight the previous quarter’s most important product releases to the Qwick for Businesses app and dashboard. This series will consistently supply you with a bevy of educational materials—from informational videos to links to how-to articles—to help you best utilize Qwick for your business. If you have any questions about these new features or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to text 79425, or email us at [email protected].

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Q3 2022

Our Technology team was hard at work improving the Qwick product suite in Q3. With their sights set specifically on helping to improve the shift experience (for both businesses posting shifts and freelancers accepting them)—as well as putting the finishing touches on the first iteration of Qwick Invoicing to help streamline the invoicing workflow for businesses—here are a few recent accomplishments we’re excited to share with you.

Launched Qwick Invoicing

Qwick Invoicing was custom-built by Qwick exclusively for you. With the hospitality industry in mind, our tailor-made invoicing system:

  • Provides you with a friendlier user (invoicing) experience that includes details like shift locations, break times, and tip amounts on every invoice;

  • Directly ties into the Qwick product suite, ensuring your invoices are accurate every time; and

  • Offers convenient access from the dashboard, allowing you and your finance team the ability to easily view and pay invoices within Qwick.

Added New “Shift Admin” User Type

After launching Qwick Invoicing, we heard you needed more granular permissions to better control your sensitive financial information. Permissions for the new Shift Admin user type provide access to shift management responsibilities while limiting access to payment settings, invoicing information, and user management. Click here to read more about account permissions.

Provided More Visibility into Unpaid Breaks

We wanted to make posting a shift as easy and breezy as possible—and recalling whether you added an unpaid break to a recently posted shift was definitely a barrier to that process. That’s why you can now see those unpaid breaks on the shift overview and shift details of your upcoming shifts (on both the app and dashboard). But we’re not stopping there! We’ve heard your feedback and are continuing to improve your overall experience with unpaid breaks. So stay tuned to future releases; more great updates are coming!

Q1/Q2 2022

Over the past year, we’ve seen a revival in our industry—and with more than 340,000 highly qualified freelancers on our platform across 15+ markets, we’re committed more than ever to helping you succeed. Our Technology team has been hard at work improving Qwick, and we're so excited to share a few recent accomplishments with you.

Improved the shift posting process

In a move towards a more frictionless user experience (and ensuring our freelancers are well informed about the shifts they’ve accepted), we made it possible for Businesses to edit (shift attire, details, arrival instructions, hourly rate, number of Pros) and cancel shifts directly from the app—plus, we’ll be sure to notify freelancers via text if changes are made! Additionally, after receiving continuous feedback that Businesses wanted to request specific freelancers—even if their Qwick Score Rating was below 4.4—you can now request these freelancers (as long as their account is eligible to pick up shifts).

Streamlined communication with Pros

We've improved parking instructions so freelancers can easily arrive on time for shifts. Not only will a location default to the custom parking instructions from the last shift posted there, but we can also upload a PDF to the shift description with more intricate arrival details. We’ve also removed Qwick as a barrier to the clock-out verification process so your freelancers can clock out within the geofence, instantly initiating payout to them upon time verification from you. A win-win for both you and your freelancers!

Provided the ability to payout tips

You can now designate whether freelancers can earn tips on shifts, and easily pay tips out via Qwick. We’re talking higher fill rates (because freelancers love the opportunity to earn a little extra cash) without the manual payout! Simply log into the dashboard and pay out tips when you’re prompted to do so.

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