What are Bonuses?

Introducing bonuses: a way to earn more money for the shifts you’re already working!

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Bonuses for Qwick Freelancers are ways to earn extra money, or a bonus, for working shifts that meet specific criteria.

If you are eligible for a bonus, you’ll notice a banner at the top of the Qwick app that includes details such as the bonus name and bonus amount. If you tap on the banner, you’ll be taken to a screen that has further details about the bonus and the criteria required to earn it.

All bonuses are different, and require different types of shifts and number of shifts to complete them, which is why it’s really important to read the details closely!

Aside from seeing Bonuses in the banner on your screen, you can also navigate to the ‘Bonuses’ tab on the side menu to see all of your active bonuses along with any you’ve completed in the past. Note that if you don’t have any active bonuses and haven’t completed any past ones, the screen will simply say “No bonuses yet.”

Once you clock out of the last shift required for a specific bonus, you’ll receive a text letting you know you’ve worked the last shift required. In some instances, there will be a period of time needed to verify the shift was completed to satisfaction before the bonus payment appears in your Stripe account. During this period of time, you will see this bonus listed in the “Completed” section of the Bonuses screen with a pending status. Once a bonus is verified, the bonus will be paid to your Stripe account and the pending status will change to indicate the date and amount of bonus payment.


Why don’t I see any bonuses in my account?

Bonuses, like shifts, are dependent on a number of factors like city, shift type, and experience. There is no guarantee that you will see bonuses in your app, but, if you are matched with one, you’ll see it in the banner and your bonuses tab!

How long will it take for a bonus to be paid out?

Bonus payments will appear in your Stripe account within 48 hours of clocking out of the last shift needed to fulfill the bonus requirements, so long as you are not rated 1 star or go ineligible on the platform for any other reason.

Can one shift count towards more than one bonus?

Yes! If you have overlapping bonuses and a shift that you work meets multiple criteria, you’ll earn credit for any bonuses it can apply to!

What do I need to do to earn a bonus payment?

While each bonus is unique, they generally all have a completed shift requirement and a time frame the shifts must be completed within. In order to earn a bonus payment, you must complete the total required shifts for that specific bonus before the last day in the bonus’ timeframe.

How do my ratings impact my potential bonus payments?

On top of meeting the bonus criteria, Qwick Freelancers must not be 1 star on any shift they work that counts toward a specific bonus. If you are low-rated for a shift that applies to a specific (or go ineligible for any other reason), you will be deemed ineligible for that bonus.

What happens if I cancel a shift that was going to count towards a bonus?

Canceling a shift will deem you ineligible for that specific bonus. You can read more about our cancellation policy here.

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