What is QwickScore?

Your QwickScore helps us determine the right shifts for you. Find out what makes up your score here.

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Your QwickScore—which ranges from 1–5 stars, with 5 being the highest—measures your level of talent and reliability as a professional, and helps us pair you with the perfect shifts. We calculate your QwickScore as a reflection of your professionalism on the platform and your experiences with businesses. We’re committed to high quality and transparency, and the QwickScore helps us maintain those standards.

The score takes the following things into account:

  • Timeliness - Arrive—and clock in—on time, in the correct attire, and with a positive attitude.

  • Performance - Deliver 5-star service by completing your shift responsibilities with a professional attitude. Businesses can rate you 1–5 stars after every shift.

  • History - Strive to increase your total number of shifts worked.

  • Cancellations - Avoid unexcused cancelations (especially last-minute cancelations and no-shows)—which can significantly hurt your score—and confirm all upcoming shift reminders that are texted to you to avoid being dropped from an accepted shift.

  • Bonus points - Receive bonus points for accepting any last-minute shift and for every 5-star shift worked!

Professionals with higher QwickScores are matched with shifts first—so the higher your score, the more shifts we’ll send your way!

Arrive prepared and on time

A successful shift (and a high rating from a business) starts with showing up prepared to work and with ample time to check in with your onsite manager. Make sure to read and understand the shift description prior to accepting a shift. Reviewing key details like attire, location, and parking will set you up for success.

A key part of working a successful shift and receiving a 5-star rating is clocking in and out on time. Although it’s not always a requirement, it’s best practice to check in with the onsite manager when you arrive and are clocking in. That way, you can sort out any issues in real-time. The same goes for clocking out; doing it near the manager is the best way to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Remain professional with a good attitude

Being courteous to the business and keeping a positive attitude during your shift go a long way. We believe that the way you treat others matters, and that’s reflected in your score.

Pick up last-minute shifts

Whenever a last-minute shift is posted, it is usually because the business is in a bind. Maybe another professional or a full-time employee canceled on them, or perhaps they’re anticipating more business than they originally planned for. Whatever the reason for the late posting, we show our appreciation when professionals are flexible with a QwickScore bonus.

Avoid canceling shifts

In order to emphasize how important reliability is, we have significant—and strictly enforced—penalties in place for canceling shifts. The closer you cancel in relation to your shift’s start time, the more severe the penalty is. Canceling shifts is the easiest way to drop your score (and potentially be suspended or removed from the platform). We understand that circumstances can be out of your control, and have a process in place to submit documentation for excused cancelations.


I have a good QwickScore. Why don’t I have any matched shifts?

If you have a good QwickScore (4.8 and above), keep up the great work and keep an eye out for shifts! It's likely there aren’t many shifts being posted in your city within your specialty. Don’t worry, though! New businesses are signing up on a daily basis. If you want to increase the total shifts available and make $500, refer a business that could use Qwick.

Why might my QwickScore be low or have dropped?

If your QwickScore is lower than 4.5, you’ve likely had at least one significant infraction impact your score. The components that might negatively impact your QwickScore are:

  • Timeliness - Arriving late to a shift.

  • Leaving early - Walking off a shift early without letting the onsite manager know or leaving a shift before being dismissed by the manager on duty. (This will greatly reduce your QwickScore—and affect future shifts.)

  • Business rating - A business may negatively rate you after a shift for poor performance.

  • Unexcused cancelation - Being a no-show, or canceling your shift after confirming you can be there within 24 hours of the shift. The closer a cancellation is to the start of a shift, the greater your score will be impacted.

  • Unprofessional behavior - Incidents during a shift or harassment/unprofessional behavior toward a Business, customer(s), other Qwick professionals, or Qwick Support.

Does my QwickScore affect my shift matches?

Yes! Professionals with higher QwickScores get matched with shifts first.

What is a good QwickScore?

Generally, anything above a 4.8 is pretty good! If your QwickScore is lower than 4.5, you’ve likely had at least one thing significantly negatively impact your score.

How can I raise my QwickScore?

Your QwickScore is always out of 5; but the more shifts you work without infractions, the better your score will become. You can boost your score by picking up last-minute shifts and receiving 5-star ratings from businesses.

Do Businesses see my QwickScore?

Yes, businesses will see your QwickScore. Aside from using your QwickScore to match you with shifts, we use it to let businesses know how the professionals that work their shifts stand within Qwick.

Can I opt out of having a QwickScore?

No, professionals can't opt out of having a QwickScore. (Make it your badge of honor instead!)

Can I rate the Businesses I've worked with?

Absolutely! We prioritize maintaining high standards for the businesses that use Qwick, and rely on our professionals to let us know when businesses are out of line. If a business treats you poorly, please include a detailed account of the incident in your rating. Note: Rating a business 3-stars or fewer will block them from offering you shifts in the future.

Can I see what a business rated me? Can a business see what I rated them?

No. Ratings and feedback remain anonymous to both parties.

What happens if I’m rated poorly?

If the business rates you poorly, we may follow up with you and the business to ensure the best experience for everyone involved. Your rating will be averaged into your QwickScore.

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