Edit or update your Qwick profile by logging into your account, or simply update your information within the Qwick app. While you can make most updates within the app itself, there are a few instances where our team will need to make the changes for you, including:

  • Phone number - Text us your first and last name, along with your old phone number.

  • Name - Text us a picture of a valid photo ID from the number associated with your account.

  • City - Let us know what city you would like to receive shift invites from to see relevant shift opportunities. Pro Tip: Update your Zip Code within the "Settings" section of the mobile app if you’re moving within the same city.

To make any of the above updates, please text our team at 79425 with the associated information. We’ll make the change(s) for you and confirm when it’s complete.

Submitting certifications

Click “Certifications” on the left menu bar in the Qwick app, then tap either “Food Handlers Card” or “Alcohol Certification” to upload your certifications. They must clearly show your name and the expiration date in order to be accepted. If you’re having trouble, please text 79425 and we can walk you through the process.

Click here for more information on when you need a food handlers card and/or alcohol certificate in order to work Qwick shifts.

Uploading a profile photo

In order to start accepting Qwick shifts, all Professionals must have an approved profile photo uploaded (see profile picture requirements below). This ensures that Businesses know who to look for when you accept a shift, making the clock in/out process even easier. To upload your profile photo:

  1. Click on your account settings.

  2. Select “Profile Photo.”

  3. Take a photo directly from the Qwick App, or upload a photo from your library.

Tip: If you’re having trouble uploading your headshot, check your phone settings to ensure the Qwick app has permission to access your photos.

Profile headshot requirements

It’s your time to shine! Below is a detailed breakdown of everything you should keep in mind when choosing the perfect headshot for your profile picture.


✅ Wear professional/shift attire.

✅ Stand in front of a plain background.

✅ Find good lighting.

✅ Take a photo from the shoulders up.

✅ Smile!


❌ Wear a hat

❌ Use a photo with multiple people

❌ Stand in front of a busy background

❌ Use a filter

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