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What are the requirements/qualifications to sign up?
What are the requirements/qualifications to sign up?

We know you've got the chops, but here's a checklist to get you set up for success at signup.

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While it doesn’t cost anything to sign up for—or start accepting shifts with—Qwick, we want to ensure that we’re offering our business partners skilled and talented professionals. As such, we require our professionals:

  • Be 18 years or older to sign up with Qwick (and meet age requirements for shifts requiring alcohol certifications, which may vary by state);

  • Have at least one year of recent (i.e., within the past 1–3 years) and relevant food and beverage industry work experience for the shift type(s) you're interested in;

  • Own a cell phone with data and/or an Internet connection (so we can notify you about new shifts, shift changes, payment, etc.);

  • Possess the necessary certificates for the position(s) you’re working;

  • Complete a Qwick orientation; and

  • Create a Stripe account so you can get paid (don’t worry—we’ll walk you through it in the app);

  • Ensure you have the appropriate attire for the shifts you pick up. You can find examples here.

Still have questions about our requirements? Feel free to text us @ 79425 and we'll be glad to assist you further!

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